Monday, August 17, 2009

Waning Summer Thoughts

I love, love, love how my children are covered in "summer" at the end of the day. At bathtime, I strip them of their playground-stained and sometimes berry- or popsicle-stained clothing and plop them into a tub full of bubble bath. We wash away the dirt and bug bites and wood chips in anticipation of clean pj's, warm milk, bedtime books and dreamland...

I love feeling and washing dirt off of vegetables bought from the farmers' market. It makes me feel connected to my food in a way that I don't when I buy prewashed, totally packaged veggies from the massive chain grocery store.

I love hearing the ice cream man's melody coming down the street when the kids and I play at the park in the afternoons.

I love lightning bugs, sun tea, lemonade stands, splashgrounds, watching the sunset from my deck, talking to all my "mom friends" at the local parks, and experiencing summer thunderstorms from my porch swing.

I also love the anticipation of a new school year and all that autumn, the truly best season brings - sweaters, football, Halloween...

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