Monday, August 24, 2009

Potty Training - Report from the Trenches

Well folks we have progress. The past few weeks we've talked about pooping and peeing in the potty, and Arlo has seen the new undies his friends are wearing. My mom (Arlo's "Nanna") sent him super cool Spiderman and Batman underwear that he's stoked on. Today - out of the blue - he told me that he wanted to wear the new underwear and not a diaper.

I wanted to jump up in the air and yell something like "sweet!" but I kept my game face on and offered Arlo an uninterested "ok." I didn't want to make a big deal of it, lest my enthusiasm be seen as pushy and cause him to change his mind.

So all morning he wore his underwear. I held off going to the park because I wanted him to use the toilet at least once before we left the house. Five times he urgently called me to the bathroom, where we stripped him down and plopped him on the big toilet and he strained his face as if to pee and poop.

But there was nothing.

Still, each time we pulled up his clothing and washed his hands, to set the stage for hand-washing after every future bathroom visit. For some reason, he just wouldn't go into the toilet.

Of course, as soon as we put the diaper on and went to the park, he did his business.

Bribing Arlo with M&Ms is not working. Every kid has their price, and for some it's books and others it's candy. With Arlo, I've got to throw down the gauntlet. No more cartoons until we're pooping and peeing in the toilet. That accomplishes two goals at the same time, unless of course he responds by closing the door on diapers forever. In which case, my little blog will offer it's first give-away: two boxes of brand new size 5 diapers!

Until next time...

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