Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love, the Second Time Around

While pregnant with Elsa I wondered how I would ever love her, my second child, as much as I love Arlo, my first child. I simply couldn't imagine it, and that scared me. Arlo and I are so close and have such fun times together. I wondered what it was going to be like with a third member of our daytime gang.

With Elsa's birth, all those worries disappeared. First, you are thrown into full-time newborn haze on top of taking care of a toddler, so there is literally no time for pondering anything. But mostly it had to do with the fact that once I met Elsa, held her in my arms, kissed her little head and held her tight to my chest, I couldn't imagine not loving her. We were now a daytime tribe of three.

Tonight my husband is at a musical with his 15 year old daughter and I am puttering around the house after having bathed the babies and put them to bed. Elsa just woke up, not needing to nurse, but wanting to be close to me. She is pretty opinionated, and would only settle in quietly when I sat her on my lap facing outward. We rocked and I held her tightly. My lips touched her baby fine infant hair and I drank in her sweet smell. Slowly she melted into me, and I felt her little body go limp inside the sleep sack. She had fallen asleep and I had fallen even deeper in love with that little girl.

They tell you to enjoy it because it goes by so quickly. I believe them - I am amazed at how fast these 8 months with her have passed. So I'm collecting and savoring small moments like this one.

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