Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diary of a Potty Training Mama - Week One

Time to potty train! We are doing the let-them-roam-around-the-house-and-yard-with-no-diaper-on variety of potty training. Report from Week One:

Day 1 Tuesday - Explain to toddler that we are doing something new - we will forgo diapers and he should from now on let us know when his tummy feels like he needs to pee or poop and we will take him to the toilet. Toddler responds with "No, I want to poop and pee in my diaper." Toddler peed on the floor once, but mostly waited for nap time (where diaper was worn) for pooping and peeing.

Day 2 Wednesday - Toddler pooped in his morning diaper before we had a chance to begin our new routine. He also peed outside once. My back was turned but I heard "Oh, Mommy!" and turned around to see a small puddle on the patio. Toddler peed inside on the carpet once. He had asked for some water and he peed while I was upstairs getting sippy cup of water. He pointed to the small rug and said "I peed." This doesn't feel like progress.

Day 3 Thursday - Emergency stop by the doctor's to have Infant checked out (fearing ear infection, it turned out to be that she is just fed up with travel). Toddler felt need to go poop at the doctor's office but refused to poop in the toilet. Insisted on being alone in bathroom to poop in diaper. This doesn't feel like progress.

Day 4 Friday - Household is in a frenzy, prepping for party Saturday night. We return to diapers.

Day 5 Saturday - Ditto.

Day 6 Sunday - Tired from party and using regular diapers. Plan to regroup and try again next week.

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