Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Five Minute Daily Practice

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed by duties and a bit in the dumps over my lack of movement toward the achievement of my goals. I mentioned this to my friend Ana, who runs Creatuitive Coaching, a fabulous company dedicated to assisting young women in the search for living authentic and creative lives. She had the best piece of advice, which she captured in her June 1, 2009 blog:


Make the goal small and manageable by transforming it into a daily practice. Five minutes a day spent in furtherance of your goals means that each and every day you are dedicating time toward the achievement of your dreams.

Don't you just love this?

Here are my goals:

1. get the stories in my head into files on the laptop. not sure if the end result will be two fiction books or one, or multiple short stories, or a book of short stories. we'll see when we get there.

2. finish the nonfiction book i've begun. it's about mamahood and i think about it all the time.

3. design the line of clothing for breastfeeding mamas who want functional clothes that are soft and luxe feeling. function + fashion for the breastfeeding mama.

These goals feel OVERWHELMING because the time to work on them is few and far between. But I can find five minutes, no sweat.

Yesterday I interviewed a fabulous babysitter who is available all summer long. Tonight my five minutes will be spent in furtherance of my dreams by emailing this babysitter with the two mornings a week I wish for her to come over to babysit, allowing me to escape with laptop to a nearby cafe to do my writing and design sketching. Tomorrow I'll find another five minutes to organize all the notecards of chapter ideas I jotted down, and then the next day I'll find another creative and dedicated five minutes to move myself forward.

I'm ready to seize my five minutes. Are you?

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