Wednesday, December 23, 2009

40 By 40, Sort Of

This ain't no Bucket List. It's me, on my 35th birthday, thinking about what I want to do during the next five years. Here goes:

1. Gather a group of rad women into a poker club that meets monthly.

2. Learn how to play poker so I can win $$ at said poker games.

3. Finish writing the fiction and nonfiction books I've started, publish them, and throw big parties to celebrate their completion and publication.

4. Grow as a photographer using my dad's old, fully manual cameras.

5. Learn how to play at least three songs on the guitar.

6. Learn how to cook - vegan, comfort, ethnic.

7. Find one sport my husband and I enjoy doing together and do it.

8. Travel to at least three of the places of interest to me now: India, Nepal, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Greece.

9. Teach my son and daughter how to snowboard and ski.

10. Obtain or at least begin a masters in womens studies. Just cause I'm interested.

11. Tour the northern California wineries with my husband, sans kids.

12. Learn conversational Spanish, Italian, and French.

13. Go on a silent meditation retreat.

14. Get over my fear of public singing by doing karaoke at least once (I've NEVER done it before, never).

15. Commit to a daily meditation practice.

16. Commit to a daily yoga practice.

17. Produce at least one collection of clothing for nursing mamas.

18. One more baby - a gang of three little ones running around the house would be perfectly, blissfully chaotic.

19. Learn to play tennis, cause I totally see myself doing it in my 80s.

20. Reform my night owl ways and sleep at least 7 hours a night, most nights of the week.

21. - 39. ???

40. Plan and execute an amazing 40th birthday bash!


  1. i love this list!
    count me in on poker and karoke!
    merry christmas to you and your family!!!!

  2. Dear Shelby- If anyone can and will do this, it's you! Best wishes to you in your work on this list. Happy (belated) Birthday!

  3. #7 - ever thought about rowing? :)