Monday, September 21, 2009

Dim Sum

Yesterday (Sunday) our family went out for dim sum in Wheaton, Maryland. My husband, being from San Francisco, needs a dim sum fix a couple of times a month. I'm a Native Oklahoman, which means that growing up, Chinese food was a buffet feast of food that was very Americanized. Through my husband, I've become aquainted with the concept of a weekend brunch of Chinese food served by waitresses pushing carts of chicken feet, rice/pork steamed inside of lotus leaves, and egg tart.

Not that I'm hardcore. I still stick with the less exotic dim sum options, like shrimp dumplings, string beans, and beef noodles. What thrills me is that our children are also dining on these options, leading the way for more adventurous dishes in the future.

Arlo loves the shrimp dumpling, called har gau. I think he ate six or seven of them yesterday. In between playing with the chopsticks, Elsa loves pretty much everything. She's at the stage where she wants to try anything and everything - not yet a picky toddler, and with three and half teeth, she is ready for culinary exploration. She ate everything I ate yesterday, including noodles, beef, shrimp, string beans, and sticky rice. Nailah, my 15 year old vegetarian stepdaughter, has it the hardest, but she managed to make a meal out of some veggie noodles that she said were quite tasty.

As with any dining experience with young children, things were messy and a bit hectic and babies were passed around as much as the dishes. But it was delicious and fun and a great Sunday morning together. Can't wait for next time.

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