Monday, May 4, 2009

my home yoga practice rocked tonight

7pm, both babies asleep. A clean house. Hubby away on business travel...

So much possibility. How to spend this delicious free time???

I rolled out my yoga mat and started my practice with 5 sun salutions (A variation). Then I kept going with 5 sun salutations (B variation). As the day gave way to night, my body moved in synch with my breath in solitude and quiet. My mind mostly focused on my breath, and when it travelled to other interesting thoughts I gently nudged it back to my breath. The sun salutations gave way to a modified Ashtanga primary series practice, allowing me to completely give myself over to my breath and the lose myself in the moment, in the practice. I finished with a sivasana in an oversized tub filled with hot water and a bath balm from Lush, with big glass of water and a new book (Too Many Cooks by Emily Franklin).


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