Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what i'm dreaming of today

what i'm dreaming of...

watching my wisteria tree grow and create a beautiful aroma and cloak for our deck

learning to cook healthy, delicious food for myself and my family featuring whole grain, fruits and veggies (this is the year i will learn to cook!)

learning more about art, both modern and historic

taking biweekly artist dates (alone time, imagine the thought!) to renew and inspire

learning at least one foreign language with my children (probably french first, then either spanish or portuguese, and then italian)

taking up knitting and pottery, two crafts involving one's hands and that have always intrigued me

travelling to lots of foreign places with the kids in a few years (thailand, peru, tibet, india - i can just hear my poor mother freakin' over this thought)

snowboarding with my son arlo next winter season, when he is 3

writing the fiction and nonfiction books floating around in my head

appearing on oprah to discuss my nonfiction book!

starting each morning with meditation

going to bed early instead of very, very late

passing to my daughter elsa some incredible family heirlooms given to me by my grandmothers

becoming a better listener

making an impact on the world

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